The Making of a Bubble Mailer Package

The Making of a Bubble Mailer Package

Bubble mailers are a great way to ship products, especially fragile ones. They're a bit more expensive than regular mailers but bubble mailers can be reused and are made from thicker plastic. Bubble mailers are also better at keeping your product safe during shipping compared with the conventional cardboard box.

Bubble mailers come in different sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common: they're made from sturdy plastic that is resistant to damage from water and moisture, which makes them perfect for shipping small items like jewelry or electronics.

But what exactly goes into designing a cute bubble mailer?

Cute DIY Bubble Mailers Making Tips

The following are some tips that you can try to create cute DIY bubble mailers.

Use colorful papers for the background

You can use colorful papers as the background of your envelope. You can also use paper that has different patterns or designs on it. The more interesting it is, the more attractive it will be for your customers. You can also use white paper with colorful letters or words printed on it to create amazing bubble mailers for your products.

Use stickers and stamps to decorate your package

Stickers and stamps are very useful in making packages look more attractive. If you want to make sure that your customers will stay interested in opening their packages, then you should try adding stickers and stamps on top of them so they look even more enticing than before. Stickers or stamps with funny or cute characters will definitely attract customers' attention when they see them because they are usually drawn in such a way that they look very friendly or inviting

Glue on glitter, sequins and other embellishments

You can glue glitter, sequins and other decorative items onto the outside of bubble mailers in any pattern you like. This is a great way to make your bubble mailer stand out from all the others in your mailbox. If there's something special about the item inside the bubble mailer, it's fun to have it reflected on the outside too!

Use washi tape in various colors and patterns

Washi tape comes in many different colors and patterns, so it's easy to find one that matches your needs. You can buy rolls of washi tape at craft stores or online at Amazon. You can also make your own designs using masking tape cut into strips with an x-acto knife. The possibilities are endless!


Decorating your bubble mailing is a fun and creative way to be unique and show off your personality. Pick an artsy design or something that goes with the theme related to the package in transit. You can even use this opportunity to get some of your close family members involved by asking them to make their own designs. If they are not into arts you can easily find some interesting mailer decoration ideas on the internet.

So, next time you go shopping for a pack of bubble mailers, keep in mind that there are plenty of choices for you to pick from, and many ways to decorate them to create the look you are aiming for. Don't be afraid to hold on to your package until the last minute, though you might just find yourself with a fun little project! More importantly, don't take your bubble mailer's task lightly; after all, no one wants their package damaged in shipping. So, make sure that your packaging does its job and handle it with care!