Glass Cabinet Display Ideas

Glass Cabinet Display Ideas

A glass cabinet is an amazing way to style a home. It offers many opportunities to display items that reflect your personality and style. If you have an empty glass cabinet sitting idly in your home, here are some fantastic glass cabinet display ideas for you to use to make it stand out.

What can you put in a glass cabinet?

There are no fixed rules on the items that can be placed in a glass cabinet. However, since the items will be an essential part of your home decor, it's always smart to put items that reflect your personality or what you're passionate about. For example, if you're a lover of artwork and a collector, you can use the glass cabinet as a great way to showcase some or all of your collections.

Other examples of things you can put include ornaments, statues, awards, glassware, jewelry, books, plates, vinyl records, photo frames, candles, and potted plants. The list is inexhaustible but should give an idea that whatever your chosen item, it should be something closely related to your personality.

Using lighting for extra effect

Glass cabinets are obviously see-through furniture. They are one of those pieces of furniture in a room that catches visitors' attention to the space. However, its beauty is heavily dependent on the room's lighting intensity. For an extra effect, you can consider installing lighting in the cabinet.

This shouldn't outrightly turn you off if you're not a DIY person. There are better and more efficient options for incorporating lighting into furniture. LED lights have become more popular these days and for good reasons. Most often, there are control options that allow you to control the color, intensity, and rhythm of the lights.

They are also easy to attach. Some come with sticker strips that allow you to stick the lights onto the inner body frame of the cabinet. So rather than just making the room light, the LED lights can also increase the visibility of the items in the dark or low light conditions.

Used as a room divider

Depending on the size of the glass cabinet, it can be used as a good room divider. A perfect location is between the dining area and the living room. There are several design options when using a glass cabinet as a room divider.

Positioning the items in a glass cabinet

Knowing what to place in your glass cabinet may be the first step, but more importantly, knowing how to arrange them makes or breaks the intended beautification of the space. Fragile items are best kept on the lower to mid shelves of the glass cabinet. It helps reduce the fall distance in case of an accident. Place larger items behind to give each item a chance to be seen.


People have used glass cabinets as part of indoor space decor for many decades. If it's something you've always loved but never knew how to use, these glass cabinet display ideas should help out.