6 Pieces of Clothing that the Man in Your Life Needs

6 Pieces of Clothing that the Man in Your Life Needs

Shopping for a man can be a little challenging. You want him to look polished but appropriately dressed for the occasion. There are a few pieces of clothing that every man should have. Most of these pieces can be worn multiple times, and achieve different looks. Let’s take a look.

Dark Denim

Dark denim pants are a staple that every man should own. These pants go with everything. He can wear it with a sportcoat to dress up his casual style. If it is a little more casual, they can be paired with a polo shirt. If it is extremely casual it can be paired with a t-shirt and tennis shoes. That outfit will still look very polished.


Khakis are another piece that every man should have. They are very versatile. If he pairs them with a button-down shirt, it turns them into a dressy outfit. If he pairs them with a polo, he is ready for a sports event or casual dinner.

Navy Sportcoat

A navy, not black, sportcoat is like the dark denim pants. It goes with almost anything. For a formal, but yet casual look, it can be paired with navy dress pants and a buttoned shirt. This jacket can be worn with khakis also. Navy is a great choice because it can be paired with most colors. You want a designer brand retailer, like Robert Old, because the jacket should be high quality. This is a piece that he will be able to wear multiple times, which justifies the higher price.


A watch is a great investment because it can be worn every day. You can change the look of the outfit with the right watch and watches add a nice touch to any attire. For a sophisticated look, you will need a quality watch. A cheap watch can cheapen the entire look.

Leather Shoes

Invest in a high-quality pair of leather shoes. If you can only afford one pair, stick to a darker leather. Lighter leathers are a good look, but a little tricky. They are limited to certain colors of outfits. Dark leather shoes can go with most pants like dress pants, dark denim, and khakis.

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are a great option for casual occasions, but he can still have a well-polished appearance. These tops have collars, which dress them up a bit while staying casual. Polo shirts are a place where you can go a little cheaper. Even at a lower cost, you can still get pretty good quality.

These are a few examples of clothing that every guy should own. The way you pair these items with each other can affect the formality of the outfit. You can take the same pair of pants and pair them with shirts to dress them up or dress them down. Remember, any clothing that you choose should be clean and wrinkle-free. Wrinkles and stains will kill any look.

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